At Something Wild we are at the forefront of supplying Indigenous food to restaurants and consumers around Australia. Specialising in game meats and native greens, we have built strong relationships with Indigenous communities giving us the privilege of being able to promote and supply unique produce from one of the world’s oldest cultures. Not only does this provide our customers with the opportunity to experience these products that celebrate Indigenous culture, but it also provides positive opportunities and outcomes for many rural Indigenous communities.

As an Indigenous-owned company supplying Indigenous produce it is core to Something Wild Australia to respect and promote ethical cultural and environmental practices. SWA engages Indigenous harvesters and employees throughout the business and have a strong commitment to fostering positive relationships with communities to create economic opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Something Wild Australia is majority-owned by the famous AFL family ‘The Motlops’. With Daniel Motlop at the helm as General Manager, brothers Steven and Shannon along with their father, Eddie Motlop all maintain a hands-on role in the company that was launched in 2016.

Daniel Motlop

Self proclaimed foodie, Daniel Motlop became general manager and part-owner of Something Wild Australia in 2016. As a proud Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander man, Daniel is passionate about promoting the ethical, sustainable and permitted use of native Australian ingredients. With a focus on engaging and supporting Indigenous foragers and suppliers; Daniel has become an advocate for educating consumers on the ethical harvesting of these products.


His hopes are that the current trend spotlighting Indigenous food will help build a sustainable industry that is respectful and beneficial to Aboriginal communities & traditional landowners.

Danyle Pearce

Danyle Pearce joined Something Wild Australia in September, 2018. Danyle is proud of his family heritage, being Ngarrindjeri, Wirangu, Kokatha, Mirning and Narangga people. 

Throughout his AFL football career, Danyle made lifelong friendships, including Daniel Motlop – it was through this friendship that the opportunity to join Something Wild Australia presented itself. Danyle is excited for this new chapter in his life which enables him to combine is love of his family heritage together with his love of food & business.