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Welcome to My Wine Canada, and our inventory of value-priced wines. We offer a deep variety of options to suit any palate. My Wine Canada has you covered, with a wide selection of products from across the country! We’ve got everything from classic reds and whites to exciting new craft spirits, all available directly from producers! If you have any questions, our wine expert are all renowned wine critics who are passionate about wine. They're excited to share their knowledge with you and help you find the perfect wine for any occasion. We are very proud of the diverse selection of wines in Canada. You may try Siegerrebe. Siegerrebe wine is a delight. Try it on its own or paired with your favourite after-dinner dessert. We also offer wine and spirits gift packs that make the perfect present for the people in your life who enjoy a nice glass of wine or spirits. Each wine and spirits pack includes free shipping. You'll receive 1-6 bottles of your choice, hand-selected by our experts. So stock up and enjoy the savings! These limited edition packs are full of deliciousness and sure to please anyone who receives them.


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