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Free language learning software?

I`m asking this question again sorta because I felt like I wasnt clear enough in my last question. I asked what the next best thing to Rosetta Stone was, but....Whats the next best FREE thing to Rosetta Stone? The only answers I got were for homework helper software I had to pay for. And if you feel the need to be specific, then here are the languages I cant decide on 1. Italian2. Irish or Scottish3. Swedish MOST IMPORTANT 4. Chinese mandarin 5. German6. Portuguese 7. French8. Greek NOT AS IMPORTANT Those are all the languages I find interesting, but of course I cant learn all of those Especially at once lol So can you help me decide on a FREE language learning site and or software for these languages?

What is the best language learning software and why?

I am in school but want to learn a secondary language on my own time. I don't know anyone that speaks the languages that I want to learn and going to a school or course will not fit into my schedule. Does anyone have any answers to homework questions or suggestions for a good language software and why it was good for them?Thank you

What is a good language learning software besides rosetta stone?

Where can I download good language learning software for free?

What's a reliable software company? I want to learn Hindi.

What is a good language learning software for learning Indonesian or Malay?

I wanted to do Instant Immersion, but they don't have Indonesian or Malay as options.Ok, I guess Rossetta stone works, but all you do is click on pictures, which i don't think is bad, but c'mon people be a little more creative and tell me something that actually teaches you phrases.Oh ya and also i just checked and rossetta stone only has one level.


Any free Gujarati learning software on net?

I want to learn another language, maybe two. What is the best/cheapest learning software? I have heard great things about Rosetta Stone, but I have also heard it is very expensive. Is there a more inexpensive alternative? Also, I have an iPhone if that helps.

Is there a free language learning software?

Best language learning software for korean? I'm looking to learn korean, I was about to buy rosetta stone but all the reviews I read were saying that it teaches incorrect korean, so does anyone know of any other language software that teaches korean correctly?

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